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My name is Cameron, I am the owner and sole developer of Alamo Web Designs. I got into programming as a teenager after my uncle said he needed a website and I sarcastically said I would build him one cheap. That was the first website I ever built. Over the course of the next several years I taught myself how to code websites, build WordPress themes, manage Google Ads and run SEO Campaigns.

Eventually I ended up working for two of the biggest agencies in the industry. What I found was that a lot of small businesses don't have the funds to spend thousands of dollars upfront on a new website.

And the ones that did, got taken advantage of and have a terrible website that more often than not was built by someone overseas for pennies on the dollar. They were in a frustrating spot - they either can't afford a good website, and if they can they don't know who to trust to make something great.

That's why our business model is based on $0 down and $150 a month, making it easier for small businesses to get access to professional web design services.

Our Process

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on the needs on each individual business and tailor content around what makes it unique. Our collaborative process is very hands on as we work closely with you to create a website you're 100% happy with and not something you just settle for.

  • No Boilerplate Content

    Every single piece of content is hand crafted for your company. Your business is unique!

  • Unbeatable Customer Service

    No automated sytems - When you need help you speak directly to our team.

  • No Limits On Design

    We can edit the design to cater to your needs. Everything is customizble.

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